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Full Arch Digital Workflow 
Live-Patient, hands-on Surgery
Immediate Load

Photogrammetry Conversion

24 CE's for Full Course
18 CE's for Restorative

Surgical/Restorative Tuition: $21,000
Restorative Only Tuition: $12,000

This course will take the doctor through the process of diagnosing and developing the treatment plan, learning and implementing full arch surgical techniques by Dr. Michael Morgan and Dr. Michael Fioritto, that have performed thousands of full arch cases.  You will have exposure to PIC technology for the conversion process, as well as traditional conversion techniques.  The latest restorative techniques will be taught and practiced on models, as well.  For the surgical portion, you will pair up with another student and will follow the patient through treatment planning, performing the surgery, and 3D printing the temps using photogrammetry.  The surgical portion will be structured for every attendee to perform the surgery on their own arch and for every pair of attendees to have a designated instructor.

Topics to be covered:

  • Case selection, CBCT interpretation, case presentation, digital photography, treatment planning for free-hand surgery

  • Biomechanics of full arch restorations

  • Practical applications for immediate loading

  • Discuss temporary and final prosthesis options with regard to materials:  PMMA, nanoceramic-reinforced PMMA, and Zirconia.

  • Discuss key differences between conversion denture protocols

  • Learn complete digital workflow principles in full arch with photogrammetry, intra-oral scanning and 3D Printing.

  • Explore the best suited instruments and tools for reducing risk and increasing efficiencies in full arch procedures

  • Discuss the pharmacology of full arch surgery and post-operative pain management strategies

  • Business management, finances, advertising, marketing, and dental coding will be discussed in detail

  • Explore full arch complications and learn chair-side techniques for situation management in surgery and the restorative process


This course can be taken for the restorative process only.  During the surgical portions, restorative attendees will be learning and practicing the following:

  • Learn restorative solutions for long term predictable results

  • Practice hands-on restorative techniques with models

  • Learn post-op care for full arch patients

  • Learn how to treatment plan, present the treatment options, refer to surgeon, and provide all necessary documentation for the surgeon to take the next steps with the patient   


OUT OF STATE DR's WILL BE PROVIDED WITH A TEMP LICENSE.  Upon registration, a list of necessary documents will be provided to start the application process.  Process takes 20 days.

Fees paid by institute .

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